Week 7 A visit to the Botanical Gardens

One thing I got from this week is that we need to take some photographs.....so I took hubby to the Botanical Gardens yesterday (Tuesday) and we had lunch at the restaurant and I took some photo's in the autumn sunlight and the light rain.....my theme was aiming to be NATURE - both botanical and autumnal.

I love autumn - the colours are so spectacular. Especially at the gardens where there are so many deciduous trees and plants. The sun was shining when we arrived and this first shot was asking to be taken. I also wanted to go to the Orchard House and see what was on display. I got some beautiful shots in there even if I say so myself, using Macro. I have shown these photos in the raw to a woman serving me at a Nursery and she was quite interested. 

I follow many photographers who put their work into the FB page Tasmania and often repost into blogger a photo from this site by Greg Faull or others. I always acknowledge who has taken the photo and where. I do this as I have started a theme in my personal blog and in my challenge blog of showcasing my State whenever I can. I started with photo's of my own but quickly went to outsourcing! I get many comments about the photos and various people across the world who say that they would love to visit the state or that they had great memories of their visit and would like to come again. In this way I feel I am doing my little bit for the tourism industry! I offer a prize each month for my challenge blog and again when I post this off to where ever in the world it is going, I always add a postcard with an image of somewhere in the state. 

Other's include
Discover Tasmania

So here is a part of Tasmania I like - the Royal Botanical Gardens, Hobart

I do not know if the bright sun reflecting on the green leaves is OK or not. I cropped the photo to get the 'man' in the halo of light from the orange leaves. When I tried to crop  so he was in the third third but it did not look that smart so I put him bang in the middle. 

Almost looks real. I like the red in the leaves among the orange and the contrast across the colour wheel with the green.

Another shot that I have difficulty with is the one I took from the balcony of the restaurant down at the park bench in the weak sunshine, with the autumn leaves scattered. 

I cropped it to make it more interesting and remove the top right corner bare branches
I love the story this might tell - who is the seat waiting for?
Did I crop too much from the top? Only used Paint - will have to go to Picassa

My lunch - I loved the red curl on top of the eggs
It was hard to take with one hand, seated and trying to keep the lens cap from getting in the shot too!

A story....do I crop out the top of the shot?
Autumn leaves......

close-up using macro

Cropped again even further
Can you see the droplets of rain on the grass and leaves?

The autumnal colours of orange and green contrast in this story......

Other shots I was pleased with.....one thing I know, I need a tripod!

Used a flash with the macro here:

Just read the post by Nicole R.
Something for you to consider when creating a series of images is where you position your camera to take the image or the vantage point.
This can offer the viewer a new way of looking at a scene or an object and can also create variety within a series.
As photographer we are always presenting new ways of seeing.
"Finding a unique vantage point often means moving around,climbing up,or crouching low all while a keen eye on not only your subject, but also its (shifting) background." 30 second photography Make sure you stay safe also!

Got my Assignment 2 back - and I passed, thank goodness. 

Also asked for feedback on the above and Michelle said

Hi Susan,
Beautiful images!
I love how you have captured the light through the autumn leaves in the first few images. Image 1 is a beautiful composition and if your theme was the Botanic gardens I think it really captures something about the location. As an Autumn theme I prefer image 2 - the leaves behind the sculpture are on fire with light.
The vantage point from the balcony in image 3 is dramatic. I like the wide shot as it shows the two trees in different stages of losing their leaves. This creates a stronger visual narrative and highlights the unique vantage the image was taken from. 
You have some lovely images here! As your two possible themes can be found in the same locations I would continue to shoot both for now and you can refine your theme later. A combination of close-ups & wide shots works really well when you have a clearly defined theme. Well done on taking samples of each!
so I am feeling quite chuffed!


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