My Assignment Three

Adventure on Bruny Island:

We had to be on the ferry at 7.30am for a 4x4 Forest to Coast tour. We were out all day, returning after sunset. 

These  photo's best represent the sense of adventure and a unique insight into Bruny. 

The vehicle in the minimal dawn light gives a good indication of the place and time for the start. 

 Big Lagoon, half full of fresh water.
The soft morning light is reflected up close on the seedheads.

In Lutregala Forest with the lens pointing directly into the sun, The Neck is a soft grey in contrast to the vivid green of the leaves.  I didn't make any adjustment for brightness here.

Bligh's Rocks East Coast.
From here we could see from Tasman Island as well as the surge of the sea.

Saving tourists from themselves in Adventure Bay

Cloudy Bay- with mare's tails and  horizontal lines of waves, broken by the vertical reeds.

Two sides of the Island in contrast. 
Jetty Beach  is calm and reflective. The water is so clear. 

The Quarries, Ventenat Point. Sandstone from here built the Melbourne GPO.
I love the intersecting lines and the man-made shapes in the wilderness.

Climbing Big Hummock. With sunset light on the left and the hill falling away on the right, the steps lead you away into the distance.

Thrilled to get my result and feedback:

Rubric Name: Assessment Task 3 Rubric

Selected Level
In your Journal you have:
  • Recorded and reflected on the development of your own photographic ideas.

  • Reflected upon the impact and inspiration you have found from other online photographic work.

  • Provided a 200 word reflection on how you have selected your key (7-10) photographs, that best communicate your chosen theme.

There is no evidence in your digital journal of development, experimentation or reflection in relation to your series of photographs.
You did not submit a 200 word reflection.
You did not submit a digital journal.
You otherwise did not meet the pass standards.
Selected Level
In your key selected photographs (7-10) you have:
  • Used a range of design and composition techniques that enhance your images.

You have not applied design and composition techniques to your photographs.
You otherwise did not meet the pass standards.
Selected Level
In your key selected photographs (7-10) you have:
  • Selected a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 photographs, that best communicate your chosen theme.
  • Submitted these images via the Assignments submission folder. 

Your folio contains less than 7 photographs.
OR :
Your images do not communicate a theme.
You otherwise did not meet the pass standards.
Overall ScoreFeedback
Selected Level



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