More Inspiration in Week 7

Just found this photo on FB in the Tasmania page
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A spectacular sunrise at Cradle Mountain thanks to Mitchell Buckley who says:

“Into the distance.... Taken on the face track at Cradle Mountain in the early hours of the morning. Dusted in snow and the mountains in the distance! Does not get better than this.”

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I love the almost mono colour scheme with the touch of gold in the clouds as the sun is rising above the horizon. The snowy bushes look like cotton plants and the pandanas like a tropical palm but the coldness of the scene impresses itself on me with the cool colour pallette. Such an amazing shot.

This was in Photo a Day Challenge:
Kirsten Clayton 

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The colours in the feather is amazing and the triplicate of birds with the focus on the first is really lovely placement. Their beaks are almost at the same angle too as are the breasts. What a fabulous photo. Those colours are stunning - so jewel like; hard to get over. There is repetition and there is macro focus in foreground.

Dark Mofo has added this to their Crossing collection - the Bridge at Ross.

Crossing: A Modern-Day Pilgrimage Across Tasmania

Crossing: Uniting Church, Ross

The way light plays around, especially on a foggy cold night
The reflections so sharp in the water
Getting a glimps through the arches too - what is that?
The reflection of the tree in the water and the different colour of the reflected piece; taking the colour from the light bouncing off the fog?
The water - so calm and the sky (obscured)
A fabulous shot

Unconscious Collective (Wild at Heart)

Lights and Doorways!!!
The natural light outside reflecting in and the artificial light reflecting onto the walls The golden glow from the candles? Strip Lighting?
The purple and blue colours - almost turquoise towards the end
The repetition of the doorways down the hallway echoes in the reflected light strips up the wall
What is at the end of the hallway - where does that door lead to?
I like the fact that it is not directly in the middle - it is slightly off center towards the right

Murray from Murray's Day Out

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The colours - muted and mono
The whiteness of the sea birds against the water and the strip of sandbar
It is at Macquarie Harbour apparently so guess those are fish farms in the background
The 'off-centredness' of the log in the water and the direct line up to the ship in the background
Lines across being repeated - the water; the bar; the shore; and the hills
Stillness and movement together

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Love the moss  - its greenness and the green of the grass is different
The wetness of everything and coldness
The misty background
The way the fence posts lead the eye back
Repetition of lines and the abrupt opposite of the red wires in the bottom left
Mimicing of the tree structures between the moss and the trees inthe background
Soft and hard being in counterpoint


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