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This part reminds me of the photo essay and the trouble I had editing that to just seven images and keeping my story succinct. Oh well - off we go........

This is not anything to do with my brand - it is a photo of a work in progress on our house when we recently had the deck replaced. I like the geometry of it - all the vertical and horizontal lines and the angle of the shot - looking up. Also today is a bit bleak and that was a lovely sunny day!

I wonder if I did a series on 'how to make' or technique sheet with photo's? Would this suit the theme of the task? I have some new products from the new catalogue that may be suitable and I could create a 'how to' for my customers to see and reproduce using similar product (purchased from me of course).

I have just been through the Phoenix Creation Instagram site Phoenix Creation Tas (Instagram) 
How amazing is that work -so creative. I lobbed firstly into the one about Mother's day with the little bears in the spoons. Adorable and so beautifully written as well. I have become a follower on Instagram. I find I follow a lot but don't necessarily put photo's up in this unless I want to keep them private to family - especially photo's of my great nieces and nephews as their parents are so protective of them. However, I do check it nearly every day.

I also hang out in Pinterest far too often. Today I found this site:

Here are some of her photo's of items she has made with new product. I really like that it is not just the item - she often includes other things in her shot that relate to the project and really showcase it well. 

Here the dies and the sparkle sheets, with natural light and a neutral background

Here the wall colour to match behind and the flowers (pink) in the neutral vase to reflect her flowers. The natural light is coming from the right and front and there are minimal shadows

Another site that caught my eye was this one:

She obviously uses a wooden bench where the wood has turned light grey and neutral with a curved back. The items are sitting with the natural light coming from the left - and while there is softness, there is also great clarity and crispness around the various layers and little shadows

This one has white space and is concentrating on the ribbon and its pop of colour. I would put a border around this photo. 

The white space is still too much 

Is Facebook a good platform for your Task 3 images ?

I have facebook and use it often. Most often I take other people's photos off facebook! I use photo's of Tasmania in my blog to show off my state and add to my brand of being a Tassie Crafter. I don't think I would use it for my customers as some of them would not have easy access or be willing to find the pages. If I do it on the blog they would be likely to go there being familiar with it or at last resort I could turn it into a document for them and they could get it by e-mail. 


I LOVE the shots of the coonhound called Maddie - so much love for that animal. Beautiful places to take photos in as well. 

Whew -finally read my way through most of Week 6. Skipped the platforms I know I wont use. I think I will stick to Blogger and this blog and go from there. 


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